Is suppressing fever a good thing ?

Fight the Flu, Hurt Society?

My belief is that in complex, non-linear, dynamical systems (e.g. the human body, the environment, economics) that the default position should be one of non-intervention. All interventions tend to have both positive and negative consequences, as well as, unforeseeable consequences. However, I’m also skeptical of studies where the result hasn’t been repeatedly replicated and even then one has to be careful of generalization that are drawn from the results.

Given that lengthy disclaimer – Is it possible that the increase in body temperature that results from a virus has a negative effect on the virus ? Seems plausible. It would then seem plausible that suppressing that response would have a relatively positive effect on the virus. (i.e. positive in that it’s good for the virus but bad for the host).

The statement from the article that I agree with the most is:
“The main message, he says, is that the effects of suppressing fever need to be studied much more carefully.”